This project wants to be a tribute to the Nokia N8, a camera-phone that sometimes can still amaze inspite of its age.
A melting pot of travels, situations, things, not so many people, street, nature an a lot of randomly taken shots.
Obviously, every photograph you see here, is taken with my mobile phone.
In case you should feel the need to repost any content found here or in one of my other two logs (hosted on 500px and Behance), please credit me and/or don't hesitate to ask.
Inside the "featured" section you can find all the most important fotologs on tumblr where my work got reblogged.
Obviously again, all the photographs posted here, belong exclusively to me.
© All rights reserved


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  • That might not do any good. You see, nobody’s missing a porpoise. It’s a dolphin that’s been taken. The common harbor porpoise has an abrupt snout, pointed teeth, and a triangular thoracic fin, while the bottlenose dolphin, or Tursiops truncatus, has an elongated beak, round, cone-shaped teeth, and a serrated dorsal appendage. But I’m sure you already knew that.”

    Ace Ventura - Pet Detective

    Today is raining like there ain’t no tomorrow, again. The only positive side of this thing is that I’m not sweating to death at work.

    I took this photograph in Varese during the two or three sunny days we had in a month. That’s how august should be.

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