This project wants to be a tribute to the Nokia N8, a camera-phone that sometimes can still amaze inspite of its age. Obviously, every photograph you see here, is taken with my mobile phone. In case you should feel the need to repost any content found here or in one of my other two logs (hosted on 500px and Behance), please credit me and/or don't hesitate to ask. Inside the "featured" section you can find all the most important fotologs on tumblr where my work got reblogged. Obviously again, all the photographs posted here, belong exclusively to me. Waiting for #SwitchToLUMIA.
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  • I’m gonna take a short break from my quick-holiday-at-the-seaside-stuff, to post some new material I got about 2 hours ago while I was riding my beloved restored bike with a good old friend of mine. We decided to go biking thru the ramps of the brand new highway that will link Milano to Bergamo (the so called “Pedemontana” should hurry up and finish it, c’mon!). These roads are still closed to the traffic, so no cars around. They pass thru the fields of my small hometown. Things changed a lot in the last 15 years, here. Meanwhile, sunsets still luckily remain the same.

    Spray paint landscape.

    That’s what happens when a cr@ppy writer uses the outside of a train window as his canvas. Living inside a bottle of beer should be very similar.

    If you think that here the prices of the tickets are wayyyys far from bein’ cheap (close to the theft level, IMHO), a clean train should be the guaranteed minimum service.

    "I’m a genie in a bottle baby, come, come, come on and let me out"

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